Yet, another Unreal stuff!

While this is not new…But this one means a lot to me, and will be always the very very close to my heart..Because…

If you didn’t get the reason, it’s because this is the first version of the Unreal Engine to support the upcoming PS5 & XB seriesX! Which not only means my fixes and my code went to the new generation already, but also means I’ve been with Unreal yet another full generation! Happy new generation to you Unreal!

Dunno what exactly was my work that made it to the 4.25 version, and by now I’m already lose tracking those things, but for sure this time was all bug fixing, and no new features at all from my side been submitted. The only features I’ve created in the past ~7 months, are only for the current gen consoles for my own joy, experimentation and learning[s], and Epic (afaik) not allowing for pull requests for those platforms.


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