The Chainsaw Incident

Unfortunately one more cancelled collaboration project. No so long ago i was reached by my friend Adam McClard (Or1go Publishing) and Amer Kokh (Crazy Piranha animations) to collaborate together & work with them in The Chainsaw Incident and bring my Unreal 4.x knowledge and 2D framework custom tools to that project. But sadly the project went low profile, and eventually kinda cancelled. So I wanted to share about it here 🙁

The bad thing about the cancellation of this project, is that i won’t be able to get cool animations sent over from Amer (the great artist behind all those cool animations). Receiving new animation files from him was always a pleasure and fun experience, i’ve never dealt with such a top notch quality of 2d animated assets!

This character (Massacre) was so far my favorite character, and i bet it would be your’s and i can’t blame Adam for putting it in the trailer and marketing media for the game. I did enjoy working with it most of the time i spent in that project & i would love to leave you with some of it’s animation set.

One last thing about that project, it was my decision and choice to go with Unreal 4.x, where the first test for asset importing was done in Unity3d, but the editor was not capable of handling that high quality art (4k texture per frame), and hence when tried Unreal, everything was piece of cake with the power of Paper2D framework!


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