Python for Unreal Engine Editor Tools Scripting

Not so long ago (year and half or so) i did post a punch of Unreal Engine python scripts that can be helpful to boost the editor productivity.

And due to the lack of knowledge for that part of the engine, it was a bumpy “but fun” learning experience to learn the unreal editor python scripting.
At that time, i was already started working on my own educational materials to cover the topic from start to end, and i had the honor to give a handful amount of classes in that.

Today, i’m glad to announce that this knowledge will be live as my “first” online course beyond the YouTube videos!

You can learn more about it from the promo below, or the couse page link below

Personally, i didn’t find a huge difference between putting a series of video on YouTube and putting it somewhere else..Or may be it is just me, who give the same amount of care to all my work…Idk! I would say the only difference between putting the famous Tanks series (as a 6.5 Hours course) on YouTube, and putting Python for Unreal Engine Editor Tools Scripting (as 4.0 Hours course) on other platforms, is that the later one needed a fancy promo (which was another learning experience ^_^) and been re-recorded ~8 times ^_^!!!

And with that said, I would like to thank few people, starting my parents for the unlimited amount of things they made for me, my wife for taking the kids away for the parks of Chengdu during my recording time! And Epic games & the entire Unreal Engine team (specially the learning master Luis Cataldi) for making this possible! Last but not least, would like to thank my friend Minu Jeong (the python wizard) for convincing me to give python a last chance!

Anywyas, that’s my news for today, and i hope you enjoy the course!


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