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#UPDATE: Now it’s opensource, and you can get it from here


Want to Use the new UISystem presented by Unity starting Unity4.6?

Or you are planning to switch your project to Unity 5.0 to make use of it’s awesome coming features, and would like to use it’s awesome optimized UISystem?

With nGUI to Unity UISystem (for short nGUI to uUI) you will be able to convert all your Widgets, Panels, Atlases & Sprites within one click to a Unity UISystem ones.


nguiTouui-screenshot2Just few clicks, and few seconds is your distance between converting a NGUI based project Into Unity new UI system project. And defiantly UnityEngine.UI is the future of UI design in Unity games.

– Full extendable & organized C# source code.
– Convert the nGUI atlas to a Unity Atlas.
– Convert all the nGUI sprites into Unity sprites.
– Automatic cropping, naming and slicing for all the sprites.
– Convert all the NGUI widgets into a UnityEngine.UI widgets. That includes (UIWedgit, UIButton, UILabel, UIInput, UISprite, UIToggles, UISLider, UIProgressbar).
– Convert any multi widget structure.
– Fit All the original widgets positions.
– Convert some custom components (like the colored sliders, Typewriter,..etc) to an alternative UnityEngine.UI friendly ones.
– Convert all the widgets at once or one by one.
– Multi types of atlas conversions.nguiTouui-screenshot5

– No Logic conversion & no Events will be assigned
– It should run with the latest ngui or at least 3.7.8 (or earlier version that have no major API changes).
– the UILabels which set to Automatic, it’s result is not expected (80% correct).

*On the road:nguiTouui-screenshot3
– UIPopupList, UIDrag, UIDragResiz, Toggle groups support.
– BBCode & Emoticons support.
– OTF font files support.



7 thoughts on “nGUI to uUI

  1. Does this also work from within Unity 5? if so, you should publish an additional version under 5.x. If the purchaser has to upgrade the code to 5.x themselves, you should make it free or reduce the price.

    I am interested in this because I need to convert a project from nGUI to uGUI but I don’t want to spend $55 if it won’t work under 5.1.1 or I have to spend time upgrading it manually.


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