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“When your game package is measured in tens of Gigabytes, you don’t want to keep making packages frequently…”


Game Link (GL) is an upgrade to the Unreal Engine games workflow, Inspired by some of the great in-house engines & technologies used by some AAA companies like pretty much every Sony first party studio for example. UGL allows developers to modify a packaged game while it is running and being played on a running platform, so no time waited in making new game packages. If you made a change, you can see it’s impact on the game on the target platform right away. Regardless the game package is running on Windows, or Consoles such as Xbox & PlayStation, and regardless the game build is a shipping, debug, development or any other configuration, you should be able to update the game in no time.

So in short, using GL means faster iterations than ever been possible, and at the same time a huge reducation in the time, effort & most importantly the “Cost” of game development.

After getting the project sample (UE4.x, UE5.x), you can run it.

First thing to do, is to enable the GL plugin.

This would require the editor to reboot. Go ahead and do that! And once the editor launched again, you can modify GL’s project settings before proceeding further.

The most important thing, is to make sure that Enabled at Runtime is checked, and the Target Platforms including at least a single value that represents your target platform of development at the time of using UGL.

If all good, you can go ahead an generate a game package to use, but before that, make sure that in the packaging settings, you disabled the Use Pak File as well as the Share Mterial Shader Code options.

Anytime you modify something in the editor, and you want to see it in the running game, you simply hit the GL button at the toolbar!

And that will reflect in the game right away!!

For futher in-depth use, you can watch the full playlist below


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