Uncage ’em,… For UE4jam

What a nice little sweet game. While the theme was based on “Set it free”, I was looking for a game idea that could give me the chance to work more with the navigation meshes. At the same time I had a push from the inside for a long time towards creating my PacMan…So,…..I ended up with this!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 2.43.01 PM

Get the guys free
Control them one by one
Try to EAT PacMan
Uncage less Ghosts means better score
Pacman eats less food means better score as well

It was a nice experience, as after creating 15 mini game with UE4 and contributing in ~5 published UE4 titles….finally I made a game within 2 days for a jam using UE4. The most funny part was the first jam I’ve ever took par in was related to a similar theme!

Here is the Mac Build,


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