Crash Bandicoot HD

Someday in the early 2013 I had no ideas for a new game. So I decided to remake one one of my favorite old games and take the adventure of remaking a game with the recent tech. It wasn’t an easy decision to pick CB, I started with Mario indeed but everyone have made a mario 3d/2d clone. then I kept looking in my favorite games list till I reached the PS one generation, where I found Crash Bandicoot on the top of my list !
I started making the game as usual by doing some Google for reference and concept art, but I never thought that I will find some one who are making the same game I want to make !


I got amazed by the quality of work he is making, but the most interesting part that, I’ve found him looking for a programmer (using unreal scripting) to work with him on the game as Kismit can not get all the job done.

I shoot him an email, and started working with him directly on that awesome game. we never made progress since ~ Feb 2014, both of us are busy at work currently & as it is a passion driving project, it need to be made in the free time.
There is some plans to move the current project to Unreal Engine 4 as both of us have already subscribed to it, and looking forward to make the game looking as awesome as possible.

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