Epic’s Mega Grant

Oh.. how cool it is?!!

When i created the UE4U.XYZ blog and all the content in there since unreal’s first day to be public in 2014, i didn’t know that there will be any type of appreciation for that..and I didn’t wait or expect any… but few years later, i got the Unreal Dev Grant fro that educational resources.

It was a big day…

Few weeks ago, i did get similar news by email, about my unreal python stuff that i started couple of years ago in order to dig deep in the python editor scripting stuff, and put FREE examples out there (which yet used as a python editor scripting reference by many companies, that includes some big players who uses unreal), that later turned to a course + free samples for everyone. I did decide to keep the news for myself until Epic throw a public announcement about it..And that did just happen a day or two ago..

How cool it is to be recognized..

You can check the full announcement at Epic’s official post at their blog. Or at the VentureBeat blog post that i kept getting in my facebook messages for the entire day from my sweet friends 🙂

What was even cooler, that “Mike” from GameFromScratch (which is a channel i do check it in daily basis because i LOVE it) while covering the news, he stopped at my entry, and did mention it is worth checking out…which made me twice happy to be covered even for few seconds in a channel that i appreciate and that means a lot to me.

Once more, thank you Epic Games..And let’s keep making Unreal Stuff!


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