Fake & Accurate Shadows in Unity for Mobiles

Yes, am still alive 😀
It is too long time since my last post. I was very busy at work & with my lovely family. My time started to have more free room now. So, I found it will be great If I started warming up by a useful tutorial. I was Checking this morning some emails from the weekly updates, and I found this useful Tutorial about faking the shadow in the Mobile devices. In fact all the solutions in this tutorial was my steps to figure out my method to do it. After reading it, I found it might be useful to share the method am using with others, It might help someone to save some drawcalls.

Another Updates:
In the other hand, as you can see, there is now a new website. I have switched from the blog to my old domain again.
Decay, finished and ready for iPad, but there is small problem preventing me from submitting it to the App store.
The 2014 big project already started and will post about it near to Feb.2014.
And finally, I started again to make monthly games, and I think all of them will be free in different portals for different platforms.

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