Unreal Engine 4

After releasing the engine with the full source code, I found it  will be awesome to dig more inside it & share the gained knowledge with others. Here listed the tutorials I did for the Unreal Engine 4 series.

14 thoughts on “Unreal Engine 4

  1. Thanks for the video, I tried the one where you put 2d image in UR4, bu the problem was that the background of the image appears too. So, how can I solve that? I read that UR4 doesn’t have transparency removal, so how did you do that in the tutorial. Can you please enlighten me more about that?

  2. Awesome, awesome work Muhammad. Love that you started tackling with paper2d, even though its not fully implemented yet. I have a question regarding an issue Im having in video 8 :

    Im following your lead but with my own sprite assets, and I simply cannot understand why my character wouldnt move along the axis. The sprite merely changes direction. And also, what happens if I hold A or D keys after a few seconds it falls through the collision volume.

    I know its impossible to debug like this, but all the code and settings are exactly like on your video. Is it possible the last update from Epic might have messed anything up ?

      1. Yup..that’s true. I took sometime to understand it as well. I used to use Maya more than Max, and this is why I was expecting UE is the same as Maya not Max.
        Sorry for being late, I was out of the blog for a while.

        1. No problem Muhammad. I went through the whole tutorial the second time now, and I have learned SO MUCH about the whole engine….Since you seem like a programmer who knows his trade, do you intend on doing any C++ oriented programming tutorials for Unreal 4 ??

          1. Indeed. I’m planning to cover as mush as possible strange stuff. I would love to work first with the bluprints as the majority of the users based on it, and at the same time it gives me enough time to keep exploring the source code in my personal projects.

  3. hi muhammad.
    thank you.these videos help me a lot .
    but i have a problem .
    in video 2 when i right click on my character and click on create blueprint using… .in components of boy nothing saw.i just saw the grids. my character is invisible.and it just show the yellow line around him and inside of him is nothing.i use unreal engine 4.2.
    please help me.

    1. Hi masoud101

      Don’t panic, it is a known bug within UE4.2
      you can download this hotfix which should solve this issue, but you might still face other issues with paper2d.

      Video 5 should be the intro to the project, I made it, but it still missing the editing stuff. but anyway, it will not be very important one, it is exist to help ppl to decide whether this series is what they are looking for or not.

  4. Hi Muhammad. Great tutorials mate. I have a question though. I am trying to make a platformer game, where I want the camera to be fixed when the player jumps. I don’t want the camera to always move with the character if you know what I mean. The player basically completes a challenge in the current screen, and upon completion, the camera moves to the next screen. I hope you understood. Could you please tell me how to setup such a camera? Thanks again mate.

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