As it gets Harder, it gets Easier !

Hello internet Cool
If you had a chance to read the post I’ve from a month ago which was talking about the footsteps feature . It was quite a nice idea to implement in the game. BUT…
It was meant to make it a temporary method to recognize your way. When I say it is temp method. I mean when you restart the level (either you do, or you die) the level loads again without any foot prints on the ground Yell And I meant that. But when I took the game to play with a friend “Matt Razz” last week, the game gets harder starting from galaxy 3, and became sort of impossible to finish one maze in 10 minutes..Matt asked me to keep the foot steps whenever he die, but I was insisting that it does not make any sense to keep it. Because when you start the level again, you will see steps !!! and it will be easy way to finish the level.


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So, My dude recommended to me to add a droping flags feature, which almost the same as the foot prints, but whenever the player die, or restart the level, he find this flags ! And I really like this feature. So, I managed to use the flag I managed to implement in the early days of development, and instead of putting it next to the space ship, it is now a drop item. So, the player have a limited amount of flags, he can drop. And when he restart the level, he still can find it. What makes me intersted in using it, it will not be driving the player to the correct way, or even to the wrong way. BUT, it will be sort a sign, the player can leave it in road he knew that it have a dead end,…or whatever approach the player want to use. And when I use it as a developer with unlimited number of flag, it is FREAKY AWESOME to keep dropping flags all over the place, or may be I can write my name with the flags Grimace
One more thing, if the player end the gameplay session either by quitting the level, or finishing the level, he will lose this flags. Simply I want the player to have the level clean if he want to play it again or even one of his family members wanted to play the same level again. Beside It will be a bit messy if kept saving all the flags position in all the levels, let’s imaging a guy drop 5 flags per level * 60 level 😀 which mean saving the position, rotations & normals for 300 flag Surprised and the game meant to be more simple, beside it is mainly for Android device “Ouya” !

Last thing, the game will be released by the end of this month, or the beginning of May. I’m really sorry for that 1.5 month delay. But I got sick, and then tooth problems, work issues, recording tutorials and finally having a new pretty daughter Big Smile


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