DevLog: Some work inside the menu & UI

As we still in the May holiday, I’m trying to push the game as fast as I can, so I can hit the deadline. Today I was working mainly in the menu, and kept adding functions and connecting some other functions to make the menu almost working fine in the singleplayer & multiplayer sub-menus.  While sharing my updates, you will find that the game is totally different, it is better and bigger. I hope you people see it like that too  Cool I’m still working in the menu for another few day, just to keep everything working 100% fine. I’ve added two funny things in the menu, that is not related to the gameplay, but will show it in the next update. 2014-05-03 04_43_31   The menu background will change to match the selected level’s galaxy 2014-05-03 04_43_59 be able to select not only a name for each player, but a different color and country flag. and keep this data saved for another gameplay session. it is not that big thing to make. but saving a scroll list selected item, that was a bit complex.

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