Unreal Engine tutorials section

A couple of weeks ago I’ve started recording tutorials for the UnrealEngine4 and add it in a new section. The release of the engine was a great surprise for me which made me stop using UDK and moving directly to use it in the personal projects and studies. I will be feeling more home when I use the C++ source code instead of scripting !
I found the Engine have loads of new goodies which were no exist before in UE3 (which I was lucky to use) and you can add to that lots of people are not familiar with it and they looking out there for some learning materials. So, I decided to discover more in deep the engine and start working in the source code as well. Sharing this results with people is something important for me, and for the knowledge loop inside the game development ecosystem Exciting
So, if you are interested, keep following the tutorials it will include some cool stuff like making 2d game, multiplayer stuff, make a AAA player controller from scratch, develop some tools, extend other tools….and a lot more planned to be made¬†Devil


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