Oh, another Unreal contributions!

Yesterday I got my hands on the official launcher version of UE4.24 which was just released, and as always, eager to see if any of my personal fork changes made it to that release,..and guess what,…quite a few made it!

Let me spot some of my favorite changes….


One of my favorite ones in this version, is the ability to (FINALLY) get and/or set the splitscreen status. This one been very annoying for many people and specially the ones with blueprint projects, but that is not the case any more. With this two new nodes…

A lot can be made for multiplayer games!

Because this was very annoying, i even recall making a video 5 years ago about how to “go around” it!


People who worked with me in Unreal projects, already know that i spend most of the in-editor time in taking high-res screenshots..If not for WIP or blogging, then for satisfaction!!!!
Quite sometime ago I’ve added to my fork the feature of storing the screenshots with timestamp (date/time), it is super useful, specially when deleting undesired screenshots. The thing is, screenshot files in unreal used to be stored in numerical order, and every-time before storing a screenshot, the editor will check for an available number, which means if you have image called 001 & 002 & 004, when you capture new image, it will be named 003 to fill the gap, not 005 as expected. Which was annoying for me!
Not to mention, there is limit, which i can’t recall right now (1000 or something), and i don’t like limited features!!

But now with this

we can have that:

Oh..the screenshots in that image were taken 5 months ago! That pull request is really old!


Few months ago (around UE4.22 or 4.21) I’ve been working in a set of new landscape features (mostly inspired from Michael Kiessling, let’s give ’em some credit!), and that surprisingly met the task at epic of making changes within the entire landscape system and make the none-destructive thing that we have now (was not exist at that time). I’ve added some features that were not integrated within 4.24, but i feel in a way or another they were looked up/after, and had an impact on what we have now at 4.24!

Can read more about those landscape features at this blog post


If you write code, then you know that bugs are the ultimate fact! I’ve been continuously fixing UE4 bugs as a main method to learn about different areas of the engine, some times I do fix because they are impacting my personal work or because they are impacting someone i know. While other times they are blockers at the master branch during a weekend or so, and i need to get some changes, but at the same time to be able to compile and build UE4! And other times i just fix bugs just to dig deep about something…Anyways, i do like to push those fixes regardless why i did fix them, despite they will be approved or not, and within 4.24 there were quite a few of them, the one i loved the most, as it were impacting me personally was that one:

u already know how much i do LOVE the view modes and visualizing options within game engines 😉


And someone at work show me this today…it’s been an honor to contribute with UE4 so far, since day 1…..

Thank you for giving this piece of tech for FREE

And of course, you can check the full release notes here


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