DevLog: localization current status

I kept updating my menu, it still missing the sub menu of options and achievements. but I’m happy for the current result. I kept working in the game localization & updating some texts and fixing some little issues in my localization framework.
Anyway, I’ve mentioned before I wanted to localize my game to so many languages, and sounds that I’m going to achieve more than what I have planned for. but why ?

If we go back few years in the past, all the games I’ve worked for companies was always localized for 2 languages, but used to be mixed. So some times English&Arabic, other times English&Chinese and may be English&Russian in some cases. But I never had the chance to localize a game for 5 languages like AAA games or some indie games, and that was my hope in this game. I hoped to make something new I never done before, I hoped to make a solid way/framework I can use to handle localization very easy and put in my game ~5 languages including Arabic & Chinese, as sort of challenge for my self to use 3 different alphabetic in the game, specially Arabic, because it is written Right->Left and it is not supported in 99% of the applications ! it will be handled Left->Right.

After working for a while & communicating all the good people I knew from different countries & cultures, I ended up with 15 language in my spreadsheet  Who, Me? and even I’ve extended it a bit more and got 3 new friend from a facebook group to help me localizing the game to their language.

So yea, the game running now with 18 language, may be they are all not ready yet, I keep adding new texts everyday, and not everyone responding quickly for me as it is not paid and they are helping me in their free time but yea, there will be a version that will contain all of them one day. It may looks crazy, but come on, it is not all about making game and make people play a nice experience or gain some money. I’ve to learn something new to feel some progress or at least figure out something was not clear for me.

Here is s shot from my google docs. Columns for languages & rows for words:

2014-05-03 15_18_06


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