Coated Full version in the way !

Hello everyone 😉

After long time of (not) posting anything, i would like to share a quick good news with all of you 🙂 Currently am working in “Coated”, the full version of PC & iPhone. Yea it is pretty much work , but am looks like full time in that job now 🙂 it is one of my favorite games i ever did & i got lots & lots of feedback and people like the game & want to play it more. So, i decided to make the full version of Coated. So, you can keep in touch, i may post each one or two days the updates and tips of making the game have a nice,better gameplay and nice performance too. Keep in touch and give the feed back if you really like “Coated”. Here a screen shot from my iPhone4G while testing.


Note that the game contain +100 level 🙂 with lots of interesting gameplay mechanics, enemies & levels. So, keep tuned for every single new update, i may add one of your ideas inside my full released game with a thank you statement in the credits 🙂 and Yes you will feel a new experience with “Coated” and thank you “Matt” for the changing the icon request 😀 i will defiantly change it in the IOS/PC full release !



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