Targeting system Updates & My Latest News

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting everyday. I have no internet right now & as everyone know am in China. WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google and lots of other sites are blocked here in China, I really miss my country where any website is free to use, whatever the content. missing you Egypt 🙂

I found it will be great if i start posting my own stuff “Outside” the 10daysGame event i managed to do. There is always lots of stuff i want to do like experiments, small systems, news about me & so On. So, i removed all the old posts inside that blog & I’ll start to post here & in the other one too. So, keep checking me 🙂
Anyway, i got today an email telling me that the IOS game i was working in 2012 will be live within 10 days maximum & it had been approved from Apple, Cheers. Yea it was 2d game, added zero expreience to me 🙂 just teaching some people & there was an ugly junior messing inside the project. But this is what the managers wanted :D. You can check the game website, teasers & trailer from HERE.


Going back to my targeting system, am now working in paralleling way in 3d & coding. In 3dsMax (yea, this time not using Maya) am making now the skinning for the character. After that I’ll start to Animate & i choose 3dsMax because of the quick Biped cool features. Because i have lots of MotionCaptureFiles i got from my X-Animation company “Coincide” . Plus using Mixer is more easy & give great results in such movements. So, i found 3DsMax Biped will be great to setup animations for real games in small amont of time comparing to Maya.
In coding area, i strted to draft the inputs of Keyboard & Mouse & hope to have something to show soon. I guess I’ll make such a playlist in my Youtube channel to show the progress of that system.
For the character it self, i found lots of MaxPayne3 resources & found lots of Max styles on the internet. But i really like that one:



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