Fel-Palala -> Tk..Tk..BOOM !

Yea, you’ve got it correct, I’ve changed the game name to “Tk..Tk..BOOM”, it make more sense for the gameplay, story, style and for everything related to it, even make sense to the sound effects 😛
I’ve to say, the game was planned to be released during this days, but I’ve decide to put the Ouya version out first Exclusively and then the PC later. And working with Ouya as much as it is interesting, it is a bit painful as well 😀 you can not imagine that this little, tiny micro console can drive you crazy for days !

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 2.20.59 AMEarly screenshot for the “Footsteps” mode

As I love my players ^_^ and I know that not all of the player will be able to remember which way the used before “including my self out of the debugging mode”. Or even if the player is little kid/girl as the game fitting everyone, I would love that he can play the game without need to use any cheats or search for solutions in youtube. Simply by enabling this option from the Options menu, the player will be able to track his possibilities more easy and still have the feeling that he still depending on himself to solve the puzzle.

One last note, As the Ouya device have some limitations, I downed the game graphics, Textures, Screen quality. It still looks pretty but there is some shaders have been removed and other stuff have been disabled to get the game always running more than 30fps, and that including remove 2 players from the multiplayer mode 🙁 But the PC version will include all that hight quality things…It is already have !


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