A Cheering up feature !

Hey dudes, before the [show level solution] implementation, I was playing all the levels one by one for the sake of testing :/
Of course I’m the only person who work in this game, and I’m the same person who designed all the levels.

Although all of that mentioned, I still can not remember all the levels solutions in the correct way. come on it is a maze made/meant to get people lost, and sound that word “people” including me as well. After playing for a long time from a player seat and before I switch myself to the debug tools I did. I was always feel frustrated that I’m not going to solve the maze. And sometimes, I get hopeless while being in the correct path !

Cheering up feature

ِA sequence shows how the camera view changes to give some hope!

So, I decided to add something to the player to to tell him that he made it, or in another meaning to show him that he is almost close to the finish line, and all what it takes is just a couple few feet !
So, how I decided to show that?
It is just a small camera movement and zoom, the player after seeing it in level one, he will get the point that this is sort of achievement and he is close enough to finish the level. It might be not that huge feature, but after lots of testing I’ve found that it have a great affect in the gameplay session. and give me/the player the push to keep playing the game for a bit more long.
And because of the awful spaceship traveling animation at the end of the level, The view will zoom out again to show it, and this last one have added a great flavor to the overall animations of the camera view !
And this is why I decided to call it ‘Cheer Up ” implementation 😀
In the original design document, the player was planned to hear the spaceship via it’s 3d sound. But, first the sound not sounds cool with the music, beside I always loved to keep the music more loud than sfx. Second thing, lots of the players not like the 3d sound ! but anyway, I’ve implemented this one too, but putting it in the final release or not ? that’ what I’m still thinking about ! If you’ve any ideas you would like to share, you can send me or comment here, I’m always open for a second opinion 😉


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