DevLog: Finish flags functionality

As it is no more holidays ;( I’m not working that much [again], just ~7 hours daily, which will not give a huge impact on the game progress. Anyway, most of this past few days I was working in some bug fixing reported by my testers/friends. And preparing the game posters, Icon, some work in the video. But the most important thing I did in the game logic is a rough multiplayer full arena [running in all 4 multiplayer modes], it still buggy, but a good start.

Another good thing I’m happy to finish, is the flag dropping feature, or in another meaning the anti-frustrating feature. I talked about it before, But it was just rough. Now it is finished and working specially in Galaxy 4, where the planets are rotating and I should save the correct coordinates between sessions.

The foot step feature will still working in parallel with flag dropping, I believe that each one on these have a different usage, even if they have almost the same effect on the gameplay experience.

2014-05-05 19_36_14


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