Decay, DeveLog #02

OK, here a quick Update. I managed to work more in the UI. Last time i worked in the UI, it was building it. but now all the UI functionality are written, Starting from a puse button, exit button, collecting the atoms and save it in the score and a new time counter. I managed to put in this counter 3 values instead of just one value like the demo. So, not the counter record (00 : 00 : 00 ) (Seconds : Milliseconds : Half of Milliseconds). So, the player can have a nice competition in the leader board with this milliseconds πŸ˜‰ Also fixed a major issue where the Atom was able to be moved behind the UI. it was working fine in the demo because the UI was without any background, but now the top part of the screen covered underneath the UI with a solid black.


The movement of the the Atom not 100% smooth, even more than using mouse πŸ˜€ and the main menu optimized, the Textures & Shaders optimized to. And the game perfectly run 30fps πŸ™‚

ِAlso, i found it might be useful for the gameplay wise to give a reason for the death on borders. So, i managed to put some beams on that border. It might be changed later, Ummm…Still have no accurate decision for that !

And here are a couple of sexy images from my phone to the game running on the iPad πŸ™‚



Another Updates, Harmonic is now officially out of the PSVita competition. They said the game had a version before ONLINE. It was the old 1.0A, which was half way from the game now πŸ™‚ or may be less. Anyway, good luck to the others, am sure that “Harmonic” was about to be the #1 πŸ˜‰ at least because it is my game, or may be because other competitors said that on the forums, twitter & facebook πŸ™‚


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