Decay, DeveLog #01

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 3.53.56 AM

Hey, it is just a quick screenshot after almost a week of working in the full version of Decay. This image contain a Half way of the new UI in progress. Even while writing this post the UI is different than the screenshot 😀

The game now can run smoothly on iPad III & IV. I will try my best to test in I, II & Mini. I have optimized some shaders, meshes, fonts, animations and post processing effects, and it can run now 100% 30FPS inside XCode. By the way, i really like the new debugging tools in the latest XCode4.6.2. Enjoy following the game, and if you have iPad2, 3 or mini (1024*768), and you are interested in alpha and beta testing Decay, drop me an email, or post here and I will contact you to get you UDID and add you to the precious volunteers list 😀



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