“A Working day”, “Outlaws”, “Decay” and more !

I had to admit that, this last month i was “MASSIVELY” busy. Yes, a lot of news, and updates I have here in my pocket. The new job keeps me busy on day time, and some of my free time i keep thinking about work & it’s problems. Thinking more about my country and what’s going on there and being worried about my family, friends and all people in my lovely Egypt, keeps me little out of the track.
I had started couple of projects this month “three projects”. I was waiting this month from a long time, because “Game tako” was promising the community with a huge PSVita competition, and the winner will have a deal with Sony to publish his game on PSVita. I managed to focus more on the development of the game. So, i decided to work with a 3d artist – and it was my fault !!
Normally if the game am going to make will take some time, i prefer to make a time plan before doing anything. And as you can see in the time plan, all the duration we have around 34 day .

The marked gray area represents the time the artist spent before i cancel working with him. Simply i got in more than 50% of the project time, just 15% of the assets !
I guess it was my mistake to work with him again, as it is not my first time to have problems because of him ! he is the type of people who have 100 EXCUSE every day !
Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 1.40.09 AM
Anyway, i managed to submit another and more simple game.  “Harmonic”, as it is fitting the theme of the competition “Team Spirit”, at the end of the day, and it’s art is simple for me to handle it myself.. It is better than nothing !


While i was waiting the artist to give me anything , i started pitching a quick project “it must take more time, as it is huge game”, it is a game like GTA2, or Monaco, but in a brand new style and gameplay, i had to say, this game is really open world game 😉 – this on hold project i called it “OUTLAWS” !

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 1.39.33 AM

Finally, and the game number three in this month list. I applied to Ludumdare48, the Ludumdare27, i really like the theme which was “10Seconds”, and i made a nice game, which i really liked & i will keep updating, improving it starting from next week. I called that game “Decay”.



“Decay” is about a radioactive quantity which is decaying in 10 seconds [it’s half-life is 10 seconds]. So, you had to collect the 4 protons before it decays, and you had to do that as quick as possible & as accurate as possible. I had to say that, the full version which will be available very soon for IOS/Android and may be Facebook later, will have lots of gameplay changes like :
– Power ups
– Completed leaderboards
– Achievements
– More collectables
– Different enemies
you can play it, and give some feedback to help improving it. Check it in the game page .

Beside all of that am trying to be a good family member ^_^ not isolated too much as i will “and should” be a lot isolated starting from October . And i was going a lot to hospitals this month, and will keep doing next month too, i don’t know how danger it is, but doctors keep moving me between departments !


Last thing, i have some good news, which made all this busy month, a happy month for me. I will share all on time, keep tuned for the next month, when some dreams comes true 😉


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