Coated On Desura This week..Yaaay !!!!

It have been a very long adventure of making Coated my precious game. I loved it a lot because it means a lot to me & my family. It was my first indie game to decide putting it in events or launching it. It was the longest personal game ever I’ve been working on [~3 years].


I learned a lot in indie projects organizing while making it as well. But at the end, it is going to move to another step in it’s lifecycle. The game will be Launched in Desura this week [5th of June 2014], it is not meaning the adventure will stops, but it means for me I got the game to safe arae, where I can leave it finally to the players and I can focus 100% in another game. While working in coated I used to focus 50% on Coated & the other 50% in different projects or tutorials. But now, after the bug fixing for the reported bugs, I’ll say “Good Bye Coated, Take care of yourself & remember me as I’ll always remember you”. And if Coated 1 goes well, it means I’ll be releasing the other 5 episodes to quickly. It depends on the players and the community 🙂


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