Coated has been Greenlit!

Whoooa,….I don’t even know how or where to start !!!

For some people, getting greenlit is something awesome because they will be steam partners and they will have an access to the secret area. But for me I used to access those forbidden areas and have always been a steam partner/developer while working for companies. But what make is special for me, because it means lots of years have not been wasted for nothing.

The GreenLight Page


This news is not so recent, I got the email yesterday, but I never get a chance to write about it till this moment, as I’m starting my usual night life after work, I found it is a good time to post the update.
It have been a little long journey to make the game and get it approved by steam. But I’m really glad to achieve that goal. Let me tell the story in some bullet points. I promise I’ll be detailing that experience once the game is officially out.

  • More than 4 years ago I got a game idea about colors.
  • Started building it in Flash.
  • Once I found it doable, I moved it into a 3d game using Shiva engine.
  • With some limitations I started the whole game again with Unity3d.
  • I posted the demo out there for free.
  • When people loved it I posted it on the App Store for limited time to gather feedback.
  • Then started to remake the game one more time.
  • Applied it to some events.
  • The game got nice recognition, but the best was being an IGF Finalist.
  • I submitted the game on Steam’s Greenlight.
  • Everyone told me to forget about it, as I’m a one person team and the game is not focusing on fun, it will be impossible to get the game out!
  • During the next 500 day I submitted it to other distribution channels.
  • I saw people giving up their games around me which somehow frustrated me, but I was trusting my concept, creation.
  • Gave lots of free copies, and lots of discounts and bundles.
  • Kept fixing the bugs reported by players, and giving a nice support to it alongside with all my obligations.
  • Checked my mail before getting off my bed today, and found the email from steam says that the game has been greenlit!


Have always been proud of my freak game

Why I loved the game that so much, more than all my other games yet? because it is older than my both kids..perhaps than my wedding itself! And it was the first game I make concidering delivering something useful to the player, and not only focus on making it joy-able.

I wanted to thank everyone who helped me while making Coated, Thanking everyone who spoke, wrote, played and bug reported coated. Thanks for my family for believing in me and believing in Coated. Without all those people, their support, and their articles and spreading the word and retweeting, I would never get the game greelit. Thanks god for having all of those great people!



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