Vulkan & Depth

That was faster than what I’ve originally estimated. Took few more weeks to get more familiar with the API, and most importantly adding a mesh creator to ease the process of adding Quads and Tries. And more friendly way to load any texture I want. But those new abilities introduced the epic issue of Depth which i didn’t plan for yet! But thankfully all solved by now!

Buffers from Renderdoc Nsight

While I’m happy with the result, and the spent time never been an issue, but I’m still 50/50 sure about Vulkan, not because the API itself, but because of the “negative” response I see online, and the lack or resources and docs to explain more in detail or in a friendly way the what[s] and the how[s] behind each detail; it’s what makes me not sure yet. Still gonna give it another vertical slice, and for now, I’ll just hold my breath and try to dive deep in something more complex, the more complex it gets, the more mysteries will be demystified. So let’s do this!



Adding an animated gif



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