Tower Defense basic game

Heye, Hey…
During the journey of applying overseas to see a new part of the world, I’ve been asked to make a test game after I go succeed in the online coding test. I was asked to make a basic TD game with one tower type and one or two enemy types. Within ~10 hours during 3 days. But the fact is….I mad it in less than 10 hours in one single day, with a new custom assets I’ve made specially for the game…ahaaa and so many tower  and enemy types ^_^ And It was my pleaser to get a direct short email response says “Wow, I think this is the fastest we’ve ever received an assignment back”..

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 1.41.40 AM

As the game was made for test, it feel glad to share the source code. it was made in a rush, so I need sometime to add some comments to the code ..Just in case you are a beginner and want to use it as a base or study it. I tried hard to make the game friendly to add or remove new unit types, so you will find it so helpful..

Any way, Let me explain what exactly I was able to put in the game in this short time:
  • 3 Enemy types (each can affect certain type of your towers).
  • 5 Tower types (each can affect certain enemy).
  • Either Enemy or Tower, have 100% health, cool down period between the bullets, and different damage powers.
  • The game one level with 3 waves getting harder each time.
  • You can insert, remove or replace towers before playing (yaaaay, I don’t like the idea of hit play and leave it simulate, the best thing about TD is how to manage putting ur entities).
  • I made all the assets today as well ^_^ I hope you like them.
  • I put some sounds I’ve generated using BFXR
  • There is fast forward button -_-
  • Any one of the enemies reach your green castle, the level ends
  • The base can by acquired only, and not get hit by bullets. But the tower can get hits.
  • Easily change (in the editor) the waves number or it’s fleets within couple of seconds. I mean very customizable.

What I was hoping to do, but the time limits me:

  • Read the towers/enemies attributes from an XML file or a google spreadsheet
  • Add animations to the canons pipes itself, to look more cartoony
  • Grid system with Blocks or Hexagons

And finally here are the GDP (Game Design Paper) I made for it during my lunch time..

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.24.39 PM



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