Tako, What finished now !

OOOOK, now am try to work most of my free time in TAKO, to make a fine progress in it. The reason behind it , because it is the first running game i ever do, i always used to make puzzles 70%. But TAKO will be my first indie runner, and i guess it was pretty good to work in TAKO. After couple of days of starting my work in TAKO, i got a deal to make an indie game to some friends company in Egypt. They have a nice TV show will be run through the coming Ramadan Month, and i will make a running game (third person one) to the TV show. So, i guess Tako get me some luck. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKW4DbIaDuM&feature=youtu.be So, why the progress is little slow in TAKO, in fact TAKO is just one thing in my busy day 😀 i had to deal with my work (which bring me some money to stay alive, my self & my family), plus am working in other couple of projects (indie ones of course). Coated is the major thing in my daily indie work, because the game now is in a real production stage & i had to take care of it. But working in Coated in all my free time, made me feel boring, this is why i started working in the other old projects and added TAKO to my list. So, hope me a good luck to finish everything in it’s time 🙂 The progress in the top video, i added some background elements, an image i loved from Google 😀 and some contrast looping in the background i really liked from LIMBO. There is always some fixes in the animations, controller. And there is a water shader in top of the level to simulate the water surface , Plus the function of Octopus Ink, which make him go to background or foreground in addition to avoid some obstacles. Hope you like it 🙂 m;

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