Tako, Animation finished

Hey everyone, couple of days i recorded this video while working in the first animation clip for Tako. But i was little busy. So, i managed to upload it & give the post in the weekend.

OK, now Tako himself has 4 clips :

1- Moving up 2- Moving down 3- Idle 4- Inking

This quick video showing my way to make a quick animations, it contain the first clip only. I will show the rest of the clips later when i have time. No i finished the control system of Tako it self which contain all it’s movement, and designing now the background, assets, enemies.

Little about the game, it is looks like a running game, except it is under water. After lots of thinking i found Tako will not be nice game if it is out of the water, and what makes Tako looks a funny Octopus is the animations of a real Octopus. So, he is running and trying to excape from some enemies and obstacles. With the ability to collect some collectables.

What i added to the Original character is just 2 quick things, but i guess it willa dd more to the characterstics of Tako while he move. He have now eyelids & mouth with some cute little teeth 🙂

I did not decide yet, but i think the levels will be procedurally generated. Have a nice weekend everyone 😉


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