Realtime Skeletal/Animated mesh procedural destruction

I’ve always been amazed by the procedural realtime destruction in some games like battlefield, and this inspired me at some point in trying to figure out an integration and pipeline that can allow for the next step of awesomeness, which in my opinion is the same level of battlefield destructibility, but for animated meshes/characters.

Here is the Reddit (Game Physics Sub-Reddit) post, where I replied to some questions and there were lots of ideas and good discussions which could be useful to you:

[Unreal Engine] Realtime Skeletal/Animated mesh destruction! Don’t ever underestimate what a pink mannequin can do! from GamePhysics

And here are several other videos showing other aspects of this physics technical prototype.
SloMo video for the contact moments.

One thing worth mentioning; the main reason for the video above, was not only to show the affect where it accurately takes place at the hit points and get transferred all the way to the entire body, but also to showthe procedural nature of the destructions variations through the parameters of the voronoi.

Video showing the action with full speed, FPS counter & Physics stats debugging.

The video for the GIF above, where you can run it at 1080p



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