Physx-Anim-IK Mixer

As part of my ongoing tech prototypes for skeletal meshes/animations, I wanted to take things a lot further in Unreal Engine, and create some type of a system inspired by Euphoria that is used in games such as MaxPayne3, GTAV & RedDeadRedemption2. But trying to make it more friendly, encapsulated in easy to use nodes. And most importantly, not only Physics & Animation based and no pre-set blend layers/weights such as my old love <3 Endorphin. But more of a realtime solution based on some key values & IK full support for some limbs (if needed) as well.

The core usage is the ability to mix and blend between physx, animation and IK for different limbs (fullbody || per-part) in a natural way to enable physics simulation while keeping the topology of the animations. so what u see in the video above is mannequin always tries to do the animation but adapt to world physics & save the body from falling. It is not yet like Euphoria, and not even close! not even a centimeter! But it is kind of getting close to Endorphin, as it still count on an animation[s] as entry.

Next post, I’m not planning to show any of the other new stuff. Instead; when I get the time, I will try to put some of those Anim/Physics techs together at the same character!


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