[P.A.I.D.] Physx-Anim-IK-Destruction Mixer

As promised in the last time to start putting the different systems together, and get something out of it. Here you can see a skeletal mesh (UE4’s Mannequin) driven by animations and physics at the same time, with IK manipulations, and the ability to be totally destructible at any moment.

Soon I’ll upload another video (same duration) but 60fps. so it can be easier to watch in slomo (the one above is 30fps). so you can have better chance in checking the mesh destruction and the accuracy it tries to have to match the character animation and posing (even though the animation is totally physics based and unpredictable). Below are some gathered screenshot from this video of play through, of course there were many many moments in that ~5 min video, but I can list everything in a single image.

Click to open a full res. version

Next step still not yet planned. But it could be either doing more test cases or put those studies into a higher and more mature/advanced uses.


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