GeoEatRical – New game


After adding this months scheduled. I forced to break it when I got the email that LD#48 will be by the end of the enxt week 🙂 So, I stopped working in all the projects one day before to get some rest. And then did the game. The bad thing is, I wanna sleep a lot after this two days. But the good news is, I will be sharing most of the details of making the game. Just when I have some time, I recorded 80% of the work anyway.

The game as I called it “GeoEatRical”. And it comes from “Geometrical” but I added my own flavor of naming to the word. The main character eating geometric shapes, and he can not eat the same shape more than one. for this small version, you have 5 shapes and 10 different colors. Which make it 50 unique shape. Enjoy eating.

gameIcon-GeoEatRicalClick the image to go to the game


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