“Astro” , cute and lovely

Hi everyone;
I found it is a good time today to start posting about the current short term game am working On. This is a game for a Middle east game Jam called Tako . It is the best one -and only one- in the MENA area. For some reason my current character got lots of feedback say he is cute & lovely character 😀 , i don’t exactly know the reason. Or may be i know inside me but i can not explain. It is something i felt while building him. At the beginning there was a face for him (just on papers & not modeled), but for some reason i found it will be better if i hide his facial features, make him a little character, with some cool stuff on his buddy and finish that with a little funny animation.
I’ll not speak more today, as the game jam is about 4 days, and i already waisted lots of my time in work, and need to give more focus this only 2 days to finish the game. Am not willing to win, but am willing to make a new functions i never did before, give the players a nice piece to enjoy 🙂 and of course add a new precious thing to my Art museum 🙂


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