Be advised that:

  • I’m showing my resume in a way that shows how much I’m fitting the position I’m applying for.
  • The resume is not a typical PDF/Doc file, it is something new.
  • The resume is an executable file (*.exe or *.app), you can choose the one fits your platform.
  • Enable Audio please, it will give you the best experience you can get.
  • You can view a web version inside your browser if you don’t want to download it.
  • If you really want just a typical PDF file, please click here to get it directly.

Download Links:

platformWindows   platformApple   platformLinux   

Please if you have any comments, opinions, feel free to share it with me in the comments area below or send it via email. And I would really be glad to hear your opinions even if I’m not going to get the job!


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