Behind the resume game

While cleaning up my storage, i found an old missing hard drive, that i never though it is working again! That drive contains a lot of old files from my iMac era, not project files, but things that (at that time) i considered as good to have, but if lost, then no problem!

One good folder i found within that drive, contain some screenshots i used to capture frequently while working on some projects, one of those projects was that resume game I did mentioned few months ago. So, let’s stop talking, and lets just show some of the good work been made in there, and most of it unfortunalty didn’t make it to the final game, in order to make it easy and fast experience for the HR receiving it!

The 3 Bosses design

The game was planned to contain 3 fights, not only one fight as you see in the game now. Those fights meant to be with a first unique boss, a second unique boss and a third huge boss that is made of the corpses of the previous two bosses.

First boss with the Me character next to it, in order to show the scale
Second boss with the Me character next to it, in order to show the scale
Third boss with the Me character next to it, in order to show the scale, you can tell how huge is that guy, and you can easily find out that it is made of the previous two guys from the double headed chest
And you supposed to be stuck between both of them, and fighting them at the same time. If you played the game, you will notice that only the second one exist, and the first one remains in the collapsed pose
Each of both bosses, used to have it’s own unique set of animations, which not all of it ended up been used. Not to mention that the third boss used to have even more complex animations & rig

The Assets

The Me had a 3d face with 2d facial features, in order to mimic as much as possible the look and feel of X360 avatar
Fun fact, that all the monsters, are built from this small set of rocks, scaled, deformed and rotated to feel different…With some UV variations too!
There used to be a funny animation where the boss will throw you to the camera, and the Me will stuck in there (blame cartoons for this idea!)
And of course no game without animation graphs

That’s it for now!!! There are many many more files, tests, old Maya 2012 files, references, deprecated assets, and a ton more videos that look horrible by now, but I’m proud of making them at that time.
Hope this chuck was enough to show some of what never been shown in the final game. And a glimpse of behind that solo deved game


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