A typical day, Devlog 4

Hello, I know it have been a bit long time (4 days) but in that 4 days I was working in another game along side with my dear game. The other game is a iOS/Android game for a friend, he is a designer and artist and I always hoped to contribute with the programming side with him..Anyway more details about it in the next week.

Back to the original topic of that post, as you know I’m not an artist, but for some reason I was always been able to draw characters only, never been able to colorize them until the moment I started making this game. Anyway, for some reason I never been able to draw nice environments, and as this game will have only one background (thanks god to have only one ), I decided to make it as best as it could be.

So, I downloaded several games based on vector art (into my iPad), played them and tried to capture the background soul from those games. So,┬áit was a bit hard to get a tree from a game and sky from another game, but at the end I was able to draw this final image. It wasn’t that cool until I added the same effect from the Toucan images.

I also Start making the gameplay logic, prepared the project settings, fixed som issues related to the sprite material as it was not showing the colors as I imagined it.



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