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By Boris Wiseman

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In a wide-ranging 2007 examine of Claude Lévi-Strauss's aesthetic idea, Boris Wiseman demonstrates not just its centrality inside his oeuvre but additionally the significance of Levi-Strauss for modern aesthetic enquiry. Reconstructing the inner common sense of Lévi-Strauss's pondering on aesthetics, and exhibiting how anthropological and aesthetic rules intertwine on the so much elemental degrees within the elaboration of his process of inspiration, Wiseman demonstrates that Lévi-Strauss's aesthetic concept kinds a vital part of his method of Amerindian mask, physique ornament and mythology. He finds the importance of Lévi-Strauss's anthropological research of an 'untamed' mode of pondering (pensée sauvage) at paintings in totemism, type and myth-making for his belief of artwork and aesthetic adventure. during this approach, structural anthropology is proven to guide to ethnoaesthetics. Lévi-Strauss, Anthropology and Aesthetics adopts a broad-ranging technique that mixes different views of anthropology, philosophy, aesthetic thought and literary feedback into an strange and ingenious whole.


"Wiseman's astonishingly thorough, sympathetic, and complete examine is a such a lot persuasive tribute to the paintings of anthropology's towering centenarian." - Museum Anthropology Review

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